Saral Tds

Saral Tds
Saral Tds



  • To let you register on TRACES for migrant users?
  • Download  NSDL conso file from within software from TRACES?
  • To let you request for from 16/16A file from TRACES within software from?
  • To let you generate for from 16/16A with PDF converter within software from?
  • To let you import multiple. TDS or.TXT file for different quarters ?
  • Fills up KYC data/PAN amount combination automatically on TRACES?
  • File correction statement with single click without any hassle?
  • Can generate DATA QUALITY REPORT (same as justification report) with percentage of correct data before filling e-return ?
  • Is showing CREDIT STATUS option whether Deductee is given Credit for the TDS made in bulk or single?
  • Validation 197 Certificate for Lower / No deduction Certificate and auto-update for limit.
  • Is single PAN verification with Name & Bulk PAN verification from TRACES available?
  • Is quarterly statements status auto update within the software ?
  • Is Live Window Help available in software?

Online connectivity

  • TDS Flash news in the software
  • Verify Challan information within the software
  • Download CSI file for e-Return OLTAS Challan list within the software
  • TAN registration at TIN website
  • TAN account access for .TDS file and 16A data download.
  • E-Payment of TDS Challans (ITNS - 281)
  • Online submission of TDS return
  • Regular web updates for the product
  • Email TDS certificates automatically from software.

Forms covered

  • Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ (TDS/TCS statements)
  • Form 16, 12BA, 16A and 27D (TDS/TCS Certificates)
  • Form 27A and ITNS 281
  • ITR 1 (SAHAJ) form
  • Form 49B, 13, 15C, 15D, 15G and 15H (Blank formats)


  • Quarterly statements of TDS and TCS, with built-in FVU.
  • Correction statements from data downloaded from TIN website.
  • Certificate generation (Form 16, 16A and 27D) including data import from TIN website*
  • Electronic Returns and Digital Signing of TDS certificates
  • Automated Tax Calculation for Salaries and Non-Salaries
  • Threshold limit check for each transaction
  • Automatic SMS* and Letters for PAN requests / confirmation
  • Import/Export data from Excel / Text / FVU / TDS formats
  • MIS reports for Deductions, Challans and various practical scenarios.
  • Automated Perquisite calculation and other salary / Income-Tax calculations.

Safe from TDS notices

  • Unique Data Quality Report (DQR) for checking before making every return.
  • DQR covers identification of Short Deductions, Interest payments and many other possible issues in the return.
  • Warning messages during data entry itself on rate mismatches, non-deduction reason, etc.
  • Simple correction preparation by referring the TDS notice and .TDS file.
  • Easy access to FVU files for reference to old returns prepared through Saral TDS.

Available for various verticals

  • PROFESSIONAL  (Only for TDS purpose)
  • CORPORATE  (for up to 100 Employees with Computation)
  • INSTITUTIONAL  (for unlimited Employees with Computation)
  • WEB TDS ( Banks/PSUs/Corporates having Branches)