• Amount of Salary, Commission, Interest and Profit of the Partners from the Income Tax File of the Firm to that of the Partner under head Share in Profit / Loss of Firm .
  • WDV Amount to the Next Year in case of Depreciation.
  • Advance Tax Installments Amount, When the Advance Tax Challan is printed.
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  • Salary Section 192.
  • Interest other than interest on securities 194A.
  • Payment to contractors 194C
  • Payment to contractors
  • Payment to sub contractors
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Saral Accounts

  • Complete GST Compliant.
  • Complete Accounting with Voucher Entry, Account Books and Final Statements (Trial Balance, P&L A/c, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Fund Flow and Ratio Analysis).
  • Quick Voucher entry based on pre-set Ledger and voucher template.
  • Expense Journal to handle Service tax Credit and TDS Deduction on service bills
  • TDS Module
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Saral Billing

  • Saral Billing is an integration of custom business solutions, which is dedicated and customized for all kinds of trading business needs for Retail, Whole Sale and Distribution Segments.
  • Inventory and Trading in Saral Billing migrates manual business management into a digital friendly business process and best built with business domain knowledge and is a very user friendly Billing and Point of Sales (POS) Software.
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Saral Income Tax & Audit

  • Simple but Comprehensive Assessee Master with ability to track work status & eReturn status
  • Bulk filing Income TAX Return with E-Return Intermediary
  • Auto computation of Incomes for all Assessee status with Advance Tax Estimation
  • Accurate and ready Tax Meter giving whole Income and Tax Payable details in just one glance covering all heads of Income
  • Pay Advance Tax, Self Assessment Tax online through ePayment                  
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Saral Tds

  • To let you register on TRACES for migrant users?
  • Download  NSDL conso file from within software from TRACES?
  • To let you request for from 16/16A file from TRACES within software from?
  • To let you generate for from 16/16A with PDF converter within software from?
  • To let you import multiple. TDS or.TXT file for different quarters ?
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Saral GST

  • Automates GST Returns eFilling of all Forms.
  • Data stored locally
  • Access data without internet
  • Integrated with GSTN APIs for secure and seamless data transfer
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